Marauder (I)

Marauder is the first part of a two-piece movie running through two tracks of two bands – respectively Shkval and OMSQ. Illustrating Shkval’s Psalms of Retribution, we meet an ex-prisoner back to normal life, trying to find what’s important for him, between remorses and regrets.


SOUNDTRACK : Shkval – Psalms of Retribution (extract from ‘Freedom Pleasure and Safe’ Tape – Antée Records, ANT#05
: Walker : Many Mike / Dog : Doudoune / Dogkeeper : Martine Sanchez
CREW : with the help of Albin Wantier
TECH : Nikon 5100 + Nikkor 18-55 1:3,5-5,6G, Panasonic Lumix compact.




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