Hexen follows a complementary narrative plot. The soundtrack – OMSQ’s Die Blendung – dissects the particular experience of those who go through the great autodafés. Inspired by the unique novel by Elias Canetti, the piece explores the massive destruction of a whole culture going up in smoke.

A shift of meaning is effected by the structure in images. A single book will be saved. Extract of the annihilation, a resistance is effected by an innocent hand which will become the puppet of obscure cosmogonic forces. Exhumed from oblivion by a sacred ritual, the destructive power is about to colonize the tranquility of our world.

This short probes the fictional theme of possession, of what escapes from our own will,  as well as the ruin caused by ideological assent, the elusive hostile power or the trivial plight of our neurotic afflictions.


OMSQ – Die Blendung (extract from ‘Repeat’ Split EP – Antée Records, ANT#07)


Nemain’s puppet : Kim Ceysens / Daughters of Mor-Rioghain : Hélène Gulizzi, Caroline Meert, Ninon Robin / Friends at restaurant : Junior Xavier Borsu, Fredéric Pierlot, Camille van Eerdewegh, Virginie Pierreux, Stéphanie Carlier

Maquillage : Stéphanie Carlier / Costumes : Machii Natural Clothing / CGI : Bruno Dufrasne / Green Screen : NéoStudio / Craft : Apocryphon

Nikon D750 + Nikkor 35-70mm f/2.8



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